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Muscle Mass Increase 

 Do you want to know how to calculate your protein needs?

  1. To calculate in pounds: multiply  your body weight times 0.7.

  2. To calculate in kg: multiply your body weight by 1.5.

Aumento Masa Muscular

Beware of Light products

Light products do not always deliver what they promise. Just because they are low-calorie foods, it does not make them healthier, they may contain many substitutes. When it comes to weight loss, some studies show that highly processed diet foods contribute little or no contribution to weight loss. We tend to eat more of something without having a conscience if the product has the light label. A better strategy is to simply eat less of a "normal" product, which will lead to weight loss.

Alimentos Light



Pear and cottage cheese smoothie


Yogurt and Apple Smoothie

Batidos de Proteínas Caseros
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