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Amino Pro Energy by Dymatize  270 gr East  Amino Pro was specially designed  to increase your stamina during your  training. It is an intra-training product that belongs to the line  Performance Driven and is designed and developed to help you  and that you can achieve your goals in a way  faster, more efficient and that lead to your satisfaction in the result. Will help you  maintain your stamina  during workouts, without neglecting and protecting your muscles, replenishing all those essential nutrients  that you lose during physical activity.

Main features:
2.5 g of soluble BCAAs per dose *. 2 g of L-Taurine per dose. 1 g of L-Citrulline per dose. With Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. Free of doping substances. 270 g of product per container (30 doses). * Dose: 9 g. Depending on the taste, the nutritional information may vary slightly. The main effects:  It will help you in delaying the appearance of muscle fatigue during your training and in turn  maintain your muscle mass  , will help maintain and replenish your hydration during your training, that is, it will serve as your source of energy.
As I mentioned above, this Amino,  foram part of the new line  Dymatize Performance Driven, designed to promote achievement   of your goals and achieve your  objectives quickly and satisfactorily.  In conclusion, Amino Pro is a product whose objective is that you can replace the losses suffered during your   training and help you maintain your  endurance. 

Branched amino acids (Chain-Sol 2: 1: 1):
Each dose provides 2.5 grams of branched chain amino acids that help protect the muscles from protein catabolism during physical exercise.

It takes part in the transmission of the nervous impulse. Consume it  it is related to the prevention of injuries and the increase of muscle mass.

Its consumption can improve recovery between efforts, it will reduce  muscle pain produced by exercise  and it will improve  your  performance by reducing  fatigue.

Necessary for the normal and proper functioning of the muscles, so that the muscular contractions and the heartbeat take place.

Helps prevent  muscle cramps, it will improve  the operation of your  muscles, will relieve  muscle tension and pain, and it will help you  to improve bone mineral density.

It is an electrolyte, which, together with sodium, is involved in maintaining the water balance.

Helps you maintain water balance.

There are many characteristics that it has and in addition to all of them, we add a pleasant and refreshing flavor !!   This is the product  perfect intra-workout to maximize your performance while you're  training.

Amino Pro.  To Highlight: Improve your   training  with more intense workouts. Helps fight fatigue.


  • Dymatize Amino Pro Energy was designed to increase your endurance during workouts.  Amino Pro is an intra-workout product designed within the Performance Driven line, a new line developed by Dymatize to help you achieve your goals in a faster and more satisfactory way.

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