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Lipo 6 Stim Free 60 capsules from Nutre x is a new version of the famous fat burner best sellers around the world, for many the best on the market, now in a stimulant-free formula in which a single capsule throughout the day is enough . Lipo 6 Black Stim Free is a last generation fat burner free of stimulants but with the most powerful compounds that will help you start your metabolism to eliminate the fat that is so hard to undo.

It is the perfect choice for those who want to avoid stimulating ingredients while reducing body fat and losing weight. It's also a great choice for anyone who likes to switch between weight loss products that don't use stimulants and those that do. Nutrex is one of the most sought after brands and Lipo 6 products have been a best seller for years.

Main benefits of Lipo 6 Stim Free 60 Nutrex capsules:

  • Helps mobilize and eliminate fat for effective weight loss.
  • Kicks up the entire metabolism for fat burning. 
  • Stimulant-free version. -
  • Supports weight loss and helps maintain a healthy energy metabolism. 
  • Helps control appetite. 
  • It contains an approach from different routes to completely annihilate body fat.
  • 60 doses per container.